Below are images & a brief explanation of each years robot.

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2016 was the team's rookie year. The robot was great at going over defenses, but not so great at defense.

In one competition the robot was flipped over on its back by an opposing robot. The reason being: it was a light weight. In a competition of 120 lb metal machines, the 80 lb RC car was a feather.

The team had fun designing their won ball grabber. Starting with a single curved piece of plexiglass they called the banana; then moving to a 3D printed three finger hand called the bananable-lector.


This was the first and only year that the team was able to get the robot to climb. But the first time it did, it had to be cut down by field staff since there was no way to reverse the climbing mechanism.

Later a ratcheting wrench was added as a way to release and lower the robot. The single wrench worked great and the robot was able to be ratcheted down after climbing a few more times.


Before the season even started the team was alerted to a lack of funding and had mere months to raise enough; which they did.

New mentors and team members also helped this to be a great year.

The team is grateful to all the sponsors who helped the team power up!

The robot was great at scoring the cubes in the lower goals.

There were two surprises from the robot this year:

  1. When the battery was not attached securely enough, it fell out, and disconnected mid-match. This was the first and only time this happened since the team moved to securing the battery with zip-ties.

  2. During auto, the robot was not supposed to place a cube in the goal for fear of it being counted to the other alliance after the goal was randomized; but it did score one match, and into the correct color.

FRC 2018 Pit